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The choice of materials and combinations is largely defined by the environment in which your installation is to operate. Corrosive environments, fluctuating temperatures and varying volumes make different demands on the type of heat exchanger product  required. We have the materials and the options.
Here you will find information, available materials
and solutions.

Korrogerat batteri, vilket kan blir en följd av fel materialval.

Material selection


The wrong coil costs money. Unnecessarily.

Avoid interruptions to production; corroded coils that demand more energy and inconvenient replacement cost time. If you choose the right coil from the start, you not only extend
the service life of the unit, but also reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Fully 95% of our coil orders are in standard materials, and we will always guide you to the most financially beneficial solution for your project. As to the remaining 5%, we have a truly extraordinary range of options.

What are your challenges?

  • Is there ammonia in the fluids you work with?
    Choose a coil with stainless pipes.
  • Will the coil be operating close to the coast?
    AluPaint/Hydrophile protects the ribs against salt.
  • Flue gas purification?
    We can supply coils where all parts are made of acid-resistant steel.

We will help you find the best solution on the basis of your specific requirements.

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Having delivered millions of coils over the past 50 years, we have a deep pool of experience and knowledge that we are more than happy to share with you.
No other supplier can offer such a wide range of tube geometries, tube dimensions and materials.

Copper tubes and aluminium ribs are always the starting point and the most common combination. Depending on the conditions that apply to your project, we can suggest other combinations that are more suitable and provide a better solution in the long term.

What are your requirements?

The combinations of tubes and ribs available is almost endless; for example:

  • Copper / aluminium
  • Copper / Hydrophile
  • Stainless / aluminium
  • Stainless / stainless
  • Black steel / aluminium
  • FeZn / FeZn

If you would like to immerse yourself in all the possible variations and combinations of dimensions and materials, we have prepared a comprehensive list. Click “Table, material combinations” in the menu.

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When stainless isn’t the answer

Extreme environments may demand extreme solutions. Swimming centres and highly acidic environments often cause problems for coils. Switching from standard materials isn’t always the best solution, however. It can be difficult to achieve the desired level of performance with nobler materials; in fact, there are times when the noble material isn’t noble enough. There may also be good reasons to avoid certain materials from the thermodynamic perspective.

In our own production runs, we can treat frame components, connection pipes and external parts of the coil with epoxy.[1]If you also need to protect the fin pack, we can send the entire coil away for

What surface treatment do you need?

Different treatments have different properties. Contact us for information and advice.

  • Heresite®

  • Blygold®

  • Electrofin® E-Coat

  • Cataphoresis

  • Tinning (copper coils only)

  • Hot galvanisation (steel coils only)
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