Refrigerant coolers & Air-cooled condenser

Customised refrigerant coolers for your installation

Refrigerant coolers transfer the heat from your cooling process to the air. The process is energy-saving, reliable and maintenance-free and can be used in all kinds of contexts – especially commercial and industrial settings.

Our refrigerant coolers

  • Available in versions from 10 to 2,000 kW.

  • Thoroughly tried and tested in all kinds of settings.

  • Dimensioned and optimised on the basis of capacity, sustainability and price.

  • Quieter and less disruptive to their surroundings than other coolers.
Kylmedelkylare & luftkylda kondensorer

Questions or queries

Through our knowledge and experience, we can also assist with special applications, necessary accessories and add-on components.

For example, we can supply supplementary products such as an adiabatic spray system, which pre-cools the air before it is drawn into the cooler. The intention here is to operate with a smaller, cheaper capacity for cooling hot air for short periods – on extremely hot summer days, for example.

Material selection for refrigerant coolers and air-cooled condensers

The choice of material is important where the coolers are also to operate in tough environments.

As standard, the coolers are supplied with

  • Hot galvanised sheet steel casing
  • Rib pack featuring copper tubes and aluminium fins

The products are also available in full aluminium and stainless steel.

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