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Aermec fan convector FCW

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The FCW model is an Aermec fan convector with a modern design and straightforward control. A few clicks is all it takes to provide you with a powerful fan convector that is simple to position.

Versatile position close to the ceiling

The convector can be mounted high up on the wall, close to the join with the ceiling – the space that is generally available in most rooms. The unit uses the already warm air, heating it up to the desired temperature, or cooling it close to the ceiling and then pumping it down into the room again. Ensures a good distribution of the temperature to the desired level of heating or cooling.

Aermec fläktkonvektor - FCW

Four sizes – a wide range of outputs

The convectors are available in four sizes, with an output range from 1,420 to 7,600 W – or 1,370 to 7,450 W for cooling – which is in line with the requirement in a standard room measuring from 28 m² to 149 m².

Easy-to-clean filter

The FCW models are so versatile that it is possible to connect the pipes in one of three ways. Choose the connection type that best suits your needs. Connections through the wall to the rear of the unit leave the pipes completely concealed.

Facts about FCW

  • Available in four sizes with a wide range of outputs for rooms measuring from 28 m²
    to 149 m²;
    – heating output from 1,420 to 7,600 W
    – cooling output from 1,370 to an impressive
    7,450 W
  • Flexible pipe connection
  • No visible pipes
  • Quiet operation
  • Eurovent certified
  • For wall mounting
  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Remote control operation

Accessories for FCW

  • Plasma cluster – an ultra-efficient particle filter
  • Frame for floor mounting
  • Wall-mounted regulation unit
  • External drip tray
  • Back panel painted to match the rest of the casing

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