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Plate heat exchangers – air/air to match your needs

We can help you find the right plate heat exchanger – air/air, no matter whether you are aiming to obtain the highest possible efficiency or a low air pressure drop. Choose between various models of counter-current exchangers and cross-current exchangers. You can also choose from a range of different materials and design options.


Product range – Plate heat exchangers

Plattvärmeväxlare – luft/luft: Motströmsväxlare

Counter-current exchangers

Our counter-current exchangers are made of aluminium and available in sizes from 397 to 1182 mm.

The following models of counter-current exchanger are available: 


REK+ features a format and fin layout designed to provide the highest possible efficiency.


REC+ has been built to meet the requirements set out in Ecodesign 2018. 

In addition to REK+ and REC+, we also supply Enthalpy exchangers, plastic exchangers and Epoxy exchangers.

Plattvärmeväxlare – luft/luft: Korsströmsväxlare

Cross-current exchangers

Our cross-current exchangers are made of aluminium and available in three versions – the B, F and A series – and in sizes up to 2500 x 2400 mm.

The design and fin layout can vary, with the A series providing the greatest efficiency. The B and F series are available in several special materials with different fin layouts.

Cross-current exchangers are also available in different materials, such as aluminium, Epoxy-treated or stainless steel.

Schematic diagram – heat exchange, Cross-current exchanger
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