Heating coils

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Our heating coils heat the air using a fluid, typically water.
We believe that a good choice of coil always stems from a good dialogue.
That is why we listen attentively and present solutions that match both your requirements and those made by the authorities. 

In order to ensure that we understand each other clearly, we take as our starting point the standards we have developed ourselves, which makes things easier for both us and you, our customer.


Product range

Heating coil HW

The HW coil is used for heating air or cooling fluid. 

Duct coil CH-W

Duct coils with a round connection are used for heating air. Available as standard in dimensions from Ø100 to 630 mm. 

ThermoGuard type HWTG

Aircoil heating coils with ThermoGuard frost protection type HWTG are used for heating air.

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