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Continuous operation, high temperatures, or environments subject to the effects of chemicals, impurities, wind and weather conditions are common challenges in the industrial and process sectors.
No matter whether it has to do with drying timber, cooling a generator or preheating intake air for a paper machine, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the right product.

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Choosing correctly according to the conditions

Aircoil products are to be found in all major industries, all over Sweden. Either in the ventilation system or in the process machinery.[1]Our goal is always to suggest the right material for the right application – the one that is most economical over time.

For almost 50 years, we have been delivering products to cope with the most varied and demanding conditions imaginable. So we’re ready for your challenge.

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Process industry – Paper and pulp

We manufacture all kinds of coils and exchangers for tough environments.

Over the years, Aircoil has built up considerable knowledge and experience, enabling us to suggest robust solutions for every kind of situation.


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Wood driers – Sawmill

Wood driers make high demands on quality and operational reliability. That is why we always avoid using material that is not suited to tough environments.


We have extensive experience in designing drying coils adapted to match specific dimensions and requirements. For example, to cover extreme requirements we can manufacture coils made entirely of stainless, acid-resistant or hot-galvanised steel.

As standard, wood driers feature stainless steel frames and coarser fins, as well as headers made of copper or stainless steel, depending on the temperature of the water they are to be exposed to.

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Mining industry

Mining environments make high demands on material and execution, as the equipment has to operate in tough conditions. 

Aircoil can supply coils for pre-heating intake air, as well as recovery coils designed for a long service life in tough environments. The coils are made, for example, of
hot-galvanised or stainless steel, depending on the customer’s specific wishes and requirements.

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Power industry

There are many challenges associated with cooling processes that use river water. For example, the water may be unfiltered and contain acid, which can shorten the service life of the coils. In order to avoid unplanned
shut-downs of the turbines on account of leaks caused by this problem, it is important to use the right material. 

Aircoil delivers generator cooling coils with CuNi tubes designed to handle fresh water. The coils are also available in a cleanable model with leak indication.

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