ThermoGuard HWTG

Aircoil heating coil with ThermoGuard frost protection type HWTG

ThermoGuard is a specially designed frost protection system based on Mother Nature’s own laws. This is a special coil that eases the high water pressure in the tube bends, thus preventing the bends from bursting. The pressure is channelled away into the pipe system or via a safety valve.

When is ThermoGuard necessary?

Heating coils with ThermoGuard are the best choice for all installations, but are especially suitable for setups where you want to work with low return water temperatures, and in properties where the problem of water leaking from frost-damaged coils must quite simply never be allowed to arise. 



  • A simpler control system free from the risk of unreliable regulation and problems with frost damage.

  • The opportunity to operate with a lower return temperature, which is positive when you are using district heating.

  • Simple function, irrespective of power supply.

  • Elimination of issues with false frost sensor alarms.


Three models available
ThermoGuard HWTG - typ B

Type B

Covered ends with capped and insulated headers and tube bends outside the connection dimensions.

ThermoGuard HWTG - typ C

Type C

Covered ends with capped and insulated headers and tube bends inside the connection dimensions.

ThermoGuard HWTG - typ IC

Type IC

Inside the unit, adapted with millimetre precision to the interior width and height. Covered ends with capped and insulated headers and tube bends inside the installation dimensions.

Standard model

The coils are supplied for vertical installation – horizontal airflow. In addition to this, the coils are supplied labelled in accordance with the AMA VVS & KYL 16 standard.

The following materials are used in the standard version: 

  • Copper tubes
  • Aluminium fins
  • Hot galvanised sheet steel casing

Many other materials are available and can be machined to match specific wishes and requirements.

  • Max working pressure 6 Bar
  • Max working temperature 100 ˚C
  • Type A and B Tightness Class C


The headers have plugged outlets for aeration and discharge (1/8”). Connections on the fluid side have external pipe threads up to and including DN 80.

The connection dimensions are stated in the technical calculation. A safety valve, 9 Bar, with DN 15 connection is fitted to the return header. 

The coils are labelled to indicate the inflow and outflow, respectively, on the fluid side, as well as the air direction. The B and C models can all be equipped with either a Guide (G) or Flange (F).

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