Cooling towers & Evaporative condensers

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Cooling towers and condensers

We’ll help you to find the right cooling tower or condenser from the most comprehensive manufacturer on the market: Evapco. We also supply spare parts and components for older-model cooling towers and condensers from both Evapco and other brands.


Product range - cooling towers and condensers

Evapcos öppna kyltorn

Open cooling towers

Evapco’s cooling towers are available in a range of models, with various accessories to suit all kinds of installation conditions.

Evapcos slutna kyltorn

Closed cooling towers

Evapco’s closed cooling towers provide elevated cooling efficiency. They are also easier to maintain and use less water than open cooling towers.

Hybridkyltorn från Evapco

Hybrid cooling towers

Hybrid cooling towers resemble closed towers, but combine dry and evaporative cooling in order to maximise energy efficiency while reducing water consumption.

Aircoil - Evaporativa kondensorer från Evapco

Evaporative condensers

Fitted with trail-blazing CrossCool™ technology, EVAPCO’s condensers are more efficient, easier to maintain and easier to use than competing products.

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