Heating coils CH-W

Aircoil heating coil with round connection

CH-W heating coils use water to heat air. 

  • Plugged outlets for aeration and discharge (1/8″). The connection dimensions are stated in the technical calculation.

  • Fully encased model with headers and tube bends within the casing.

  • Easily removable inspection hatch to provide easy access to both sides of the fin pack.

The coils are labelled to indicate the supply and return tubes.

The construction depth is 350–500 mm, depending on the number of tube rows.

Installation instructions for connecting the coil and the drip tray are supplied with the coils.

Värmebatteri CH-W

Standard model of CH-W heating coil

The CH-W model is available in dimensions from Ø100 to 630 mm and supplied as standard for horizontal airflow. These coils are supplied labelled in accordance with the AMA VVS & KYL 16 standard. The following materials are used in the standard version: 

  • Copper tubes
  • Aluminium fins
  • Hot galvanised sheet steel casin
  • Max working pressure 16 Bar
  • Max working temperature 110 ˚C
  • SPIRO Coils Air Tightness Class C



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