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Material selection

The choice of material is largely defined by the environment in which your installation is to operate. Corrosive environments, fluctuating temperatures and varying volumes make different demands on the type of heat exchanger product required.

Choosing a product made of the appropriate material is the easiest way to guard against problems with corrosion in coils. A clean and undamaged coil performs better, which translates into lower operating costs and a longer service life.

OEM, original equipment manufacturer

In projects involving batch production, we can supply specialist competence and suggest bespoke solutions. These may be major projects that take years to progress from initial idea to finished product, or projects that can be handled by a phone call.

Through our knowledge, we can contribute ideas and solutions from the earliest phases of a project to the finished product.

We also guarantee to supply environmentally sustainable solutions in the right quality and at the right price.

Cooling towers and condensers

We’ll help you to find the right cooling tower or condenser from the most comprehensive manufacturer on the market: Evapco.

We also supply spare parts and components for older-model cooling towers and condensers from both Evapco and other brands.

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