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What’s hiding up on the city’s rooftops?

There are all kinds of applications for heat exchanger products. As a result, you’re sure to find our products in a wide range of unexpected places. For example, hotel roofs are typical locations for dry coolers and air source heat pumps, while in shopping centres, ventilation units are almost always working behind the scenes to maintain a pleasant indoor climate.


Material selection and combinations

The choice of material is largely defined by the environment in which your installation is to operate. For example, corrosive environments, fluctuating temperatures and varying volumes make different demands on the type of  heat exchanger product required.

For this reason, it is important that you choose a product made of the right materials to guard against the risk of problems with corrosion in the coil. A clean and undamaged coil performs better, which translates into lower operating costs and a longer service life.


Applications in:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

People need air at the right temperature and in the right volume in order to thrive. In hotels, libraries, department stores, offices, factories museums and hospitals, for example. Different environments often feature similar requirements, but each installation makes different demands and therefore require different solutions.

Our solutions take into consideration the unique conditions of every building, and we make sure that our components interact seamlessly with the other parts of the facility.

This results in our products constituting an important part of the solution as a whole and contributing to creating a pleasant indoor climate. Ideally with the lowest possible energy costs.

The power, industrial and process sectors.

Applications in:

The power, industrial and process sectors

Continuous operation, high temperatures, or environments subject to the effects of chemicals, impurities, wind and weather conditions are common challenges in the industrial sector.

Taking this into account, Aircoil has built up considerable knowledge and experience over the years, enabling us to suggest robust solutions for every kind of situation.

Process cooling / OEM

Applications in:

Process cooling

Cold stores, freezer stores, data centres, server halls and industrial processes share a common trait – the need to dispense with surplus heat. That is why we deliver products designed and built to generate the level of cooling required.

We cover the entire range: from completely dry cooling units and condensers, via adiabatic coolers and hybrid towers, to wet towers.

The food sector.

Applications in:

The food sector

Production lines, refrigerated displays and freezer rooms are all aspects of food handling that demand a constant and controlled temperature to guard against breaks in the cooling chain.

This makes extremely high demands on the type of [1}heat exchanger{2] used in refrigerated displays, freezer rooms and refrigerated vehicles. It is also a question of choosing the right condenser or dry cooler for a freezer store.

Combi-coils that efficiently heat and cool the air.

Applications in:

OEM, original equipment manufacturer

In projects that involve batch production, we can contribute specialist skill and suggest bespoke solutions.

These may be major projects that take years to progress from initial idea to finished product, or projects that can be handled by a phone call.

Through our knowledge, we at Aircoil can contribute ideas and solutions from the earliest phases of a project to the finished product. We likewise guarantee to supply environmentally sustainable solutions in the right quality and at the right price.

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