Evaporator coils

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Optimised evaporators to suit your needs

Our evaporator coils cool the air using a refrigerant and are tailor-made to match your requirements for fill volume and design pressure. Thanks to our wide range of pipe geometries with tube dimensions from Ø5 mm and up, we can optimise the evaporator to match precisely your cooling machine.

In order to ensure that we understand each other clearly, we take as our starting point the product code we have developed ourselves, which makes things easier for both us and you, our customer.


Product range – Evaporators

Evaporator coil DX

Aircoil evaporator coils are used for cooling air. The coils are ideal for installing in ducts with a guide or flange connection, or for embedding in a unit.

Duct coil CC-E

The Aircoil duct coil with a round connection uses a cooling medium for cooling air and is available as standard in dimensions from Ø100 to 630 mm.

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