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In projects centred on batch production, specialist skill is required in every step of the project planning phase. Our role here is to come up with solutions that are tailor-made and fully customised to suit
your products. 

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How do you want to work with us?

We’re happy to come in right at the beginning.

Call us in as early as the initial idea and start-up phase, and draw on our knowledge to avoid common pitfalls and tap into smarter solutions.

We can be with you for the entire journey or for selected phases of your project. The choice is yours.

Your idea and your requirements

During our first interaction, we listen to your idea and analyse your needs, challenges and options.

We then choose the most suitable manufacturers for the conditions in question. 

On this basis, we can make comparisons and select the manufacturer that will provide the optimal delivery. In some cases, the solution may demand a complex composition of materials, in others, delivery time or price is the defining factor.

These projects often involve new production, and in this case we take on the role of a planning manager: preparing drawings and calculations designed to improve and optimise the product.

The project may also involve modification of an existing product or the expansion of a product range.

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Ritning på produktförslag för ersättnings & utbytesbatterier.

Product proposal

We take your needs as our starting point, adapting our proposal to accommodate your requirements and find the optimal solution for your project. The more information – and the more detailed the basis – we receive from you, the faster and more precisely we can calculate an initial product proposal.


Useful information includes dimensions, requirements on materials, performance and future needs. Sometimes there is no clear specification, and in these cases we prepare a basic draft so that we have something to continue working on.

We calculate a proposal that illustrates performance, as well as a schematic drawing that you can then check and analyse.


Following any changes and additions to the product proposal, we work to find the best option for your project. The next step is to order a prototype, which is where the production drawings and STEP-file are prepared. Changes to the production drawing can be made at any point up until it is approved.


The prototype is built in accordance with the approved production drawing and then delivered for checking with regard to performance, execution, quality and insertion into the application.

Bild på ett OEM-batteri.
En lagerlåda på väg till leverans från Aircoil.


The products are packaged and sent to you, our customer.
Prior to delivery, we also supply a confirmation of order showing the scheduled delivery week.


Mutual follow-up to determine whether the prototype matched expectations and requirements, or whether any adjustments are necessary. Through close dialogue, we may agree to design a new prototype, or to make minor adjustments or improvements prior to the first order.

Before confirming the order, we make your unique item your standard at our company and enter it into our system with the correct labelling, drawing number and production drawing.

Medarbetare som har en dialog med en kund.
Medarbetare vid ett skrivbord, redo att svara på dina frågor.

Future contact

We’re with you all the way, ready to answer your questions and make any changes required along the way. Perhaps you need a new product, or to modify an existing one? Needs and requirements change over time, and we’re happy to place our experience and flexibility at your disposal.

Ready for production...

Robot som utför serietillverkning.

Prior to batch production

Once we have jointly prepared one or more articles that are your standard, we’re ready to start production. Individual components commonly play a crucial role for the complete product and often require their own special manufacturing process. Demands on delivery reliability, quality and labelling are high for products of this kind, to ensure that your production runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

No matter whether you need 1 item or 10[1]000 per year, we make sure that you receive the volume you need.


  • Staggered prices
  • Own price list
  • Quantity/delivery
  • Production drawing
  • A single main contact at Aircoil

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