Smart technology, low noise level and built-in filter
- Ideal for both the home and public settings

Aermec fan convector – Omnia UL

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The Omnia UL fan convector from Aermec is ideal for use with a heat pump or another source of heat. It is also a great choice when switching from a high- to a low-temperature system.

The smart technology, low noise level and built in filter make the Omnia UL fan convector the perfect choice for most installations.

In the summer, the convector, combined with a heat pump and free cooling, constitutes an effective cooler for air conditioning.

Aermec fläktkonvektor Omnia UL

The fan convector can be used jointly with a heat pump or other heat source, and is also a great choice when converting from a high to a low temperature system.

Air cooling can be achieved through connection to a ground circuit or source of geothermal heat. Air heating/cooling can also be combined in the same unit using[1]external exchangers and other components.

Facts about UL/UL-C

  • Available in four sizes
  • Built-in electrostatic filter for air purification
  • Quiet operation
  • Eurovent certified
  • For floor and wall mounting
  • 3-speed centrifugal fan
  • For vertical or horizontal installation
  • Adjustable air deflector with microswitch
  • Manual speed switch (UL)
  • Electronic temperature regulation (UL-C)


  • Plasma cluster – an ultra-efficient particle filter
  • Frame for floor mounting
  • Wall-mounted regulation unit
  • External drip tray
  • Back panel painted to match the rest of the casing

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