Visit to EVAPCO in the USA

Last autumn, EVAPCO distributors from all over the world gathered at the company’s conference in Baltimore. Visitors enjoyed two action-packed days featuring everything from the latest product innovations to fascinating presentations. The Aircoil team was also there, cultivating both knowledge and contacts.

The latest innovations and a factory visit

In October last year, our sales team Johan and Mattias packed their bags and crossed the Atlantic to attend EVAPCO’s well-established conference, which is normally held every four years in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. With the last scheduled conference postponed due to the pandemic, the latest conference, which finally took place in October 2023, was even more keenly anticipated than usual.

EVAPCO, who are the global industry leaders in evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration, served up their customary packed schedule, including lectures, presentations of the latest innovations and a visit to the factory in Taneytown (about one hour from Baltimore).

Strengthening relationships and sharing experiences

The conference also offered many opportunities to build and strengthen relationships, including with our contacts in Belgium and Denmark. EVAPCO’s factories in Denmark and Belgium manufacture most of the cooling towers and evaporative condensers we sell.

What did we take away?

“The conference was highly rewarding in terms of both knowledge and relationships – especially when it comes to putting a face to the people we usually talk to and learning more about all the products,” says Mattias.

Johan agrees about the importance of meeting the people you communicate with in person. He also highlights the benefits of sharing experiences with other distributors. The markets around the world are very different, above all because different climates place different demands on the products.

“It’s interesting to hear what other people are doing and the challenges they are facing, even if not everything is totally relevant for us here in Sweden,” he says.

To sum up, both Mattias and Johan greatly enjoyed the conference and feel that they took away a lot of useful and important knowledge. But above all, they appreciated the opportunity to establish new and strengthen existing relationships.


EVAPCO is a global company offering an extensive range of products for HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power generation and industrial processes.

In addition, EVAPCO’s strong commitment to sustainability is reflected in their work on water conservation, noise reduction and constantly improving the energy efficiency of their products.

EVAPCO products available from Aircoil

We distribute EVAPCO’s products in Sweden. Our range includes selected cooling towers and evaporative condensers that are suitable for the Swedish market.

Our EVAPCO products

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